How to Deal With Children’s Bad Habits

A girl sucking her thumb

For kids, it can be tough to understand why adults get so upset about their little habits like thumb sucking and nose picking. They do not really care about it, much less the possibilities of oral health problems or nose bleeding.

You may have tried almost everything to get your child to stay away from making those habits, but no amount of talking or bribing seems to make a difference. Read on to find out what you should do about it.

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is natural for infants. It is comforting, and it helps them when it comes to discovering their environment. As they age, however, it is possible that oral problems will occur. Experts from and other dental clinics say it may change the size of the palate, so they may need the expertise of a pediatric dentist for braces or retainers. Explain to your kids why it is important to avoid sucking their thumbs and reward them for the times they do not do it.

Teeth grinding

Slip into your kid’s room tonight, and you may notice them grinding their teeth when sleeping. If left untreated, persistent teeth grinding can damage the surface of the teeth. Your kids may also start to feel sensitive to cold drinks, and this may pose a risk to their oral health. Your dentist may want to customize a mouth guard to put on before they sleep and may recommend consulting with an orthodontist to fix bite issues if any.

Nose picking

Disgusting? No doubt about that. It is harmless, though. Intense nose picking, on the other hand, can cause sores in the nose, which can lead to nose bleeding. Teach your kids to use a tissue when the urge strikes. It may also help if you cut their nails short, as long nails can do more damage.

Luckily, childhood habits tend to disappear, especially if you keep on reminding them not to do it. Instead of yelling, consider investigating other sources of tension and provide a stress-free environment for your kids.