3 Ways to Make Teeth Whitening Treatment Results Last Longer

Before and After Whitening Teeth

When it comes to teeth whitening, you’ll find that there are many DIY solutions and even OTC options that are way cheaper that most teeth whitening treatments offered by a dentist. But inexpensive solutions don’t always guarantee good, long-lasting, and safe results.

If you’re looking for proper dental care in Meridian, you should ways talk to your dentist about any DIY or OTC teeth whitening products or solutions you plan to try. But the best option is always to go for professional treatment. Here are some ways on how to make the results of a professional teeth whitening last longer.

  1. Refrain from drinking teeth-staining beverages.

Tea, coffee, and red wine are the three most teeth-staining beverages of all time. Don’t schedule a wine night with your friends after getting your teeth professional whitened. Just wait a day or two. It is advisable to gargle water or brush your teeth right away you drink teeth-staining beverages.

  1. Cut the smoking.

Cigarette smoking and piping are notorious when it comes to staining your teeth. While you can always go for teeth whitening treatments, again and again, you’re not doing yourself justice if you continue to smoke heavily. If you really can’t stop, at least limit it. Your teeth (and your overall health) will thank you.

  1. Use some whitening toothpaste.

What you regularly do after your professional teeth whitening treatment can go a long way. There are some teeth whitening toothpaste you can use. They’re not too expensive either, so you can try as many brands as you can and find the right one for you. Or you can always ask your dental provider for a referral.

Invest Right for Your Pearly Whites

Teeth whitening safety should not be compromised just because you’re too cheap to go to the professionals. Besides, you’re not required to go to your dentist for professional teeth whitening every month. Just remember these tips to help the results last longer.