Close up shot of a misaligned dirty teeth
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Do You Have a Proper Bite?

July 19, 2017 0

As part of your daily routine, you look in the mirror and inspect your teeth and gums. From the front view, your teeth may appear straight and properly aligned. Bite down normally and inspect your […]

A woman smiling after having a dental procedure

How Yellow Teeth Can Affect Your Life

July 1, 2017 0

When it comes to beauty, many would probably agree that it is not only about looks or appearance. While it’s true that a beautiful personality is important, note that other people tend to make assumptions […]

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Tooth Replacement with Dentures in Edinburgh

June 8, 2017 0

Tooth loss can have a significant effect on the health and well-being of many people. Gum disease and other causes leading to tooth loss are largely preventable, however tooth loss can also be the result […]

A woman smiling at the camera
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What You Need to Know About Oral Care and Hygiene

May 31, 2017 0

Great-looking, healthy teeth and gums can do wonders when it comes to building a person’s self-esteem. When someone has a good set of white, healthy teeth, it is easier to greet someone with a smile. For […]