What You Can Do For Someone With An Eating Disorder

Girl With An Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a type of mental illness characterized by an extreme disruption in a person’s regular eating behavior. Coping with these conditions can be difficult to do alone.

Here are some ways to help someone with an eating disorder overcome their illness:

Keep Them Involved

For someone with an eating disorder, it may be hard to go out and socialize with people because of their severe self-esteem issues. Make an effort to help them socialize with others by inviting them out or spending some quality time with them. When you’re doing an activity together, try to talk and work with them so they wouldn’t feel alone or out of place.

Build Up Their Self-Esteem

Don’t let a compliment go unheard. People who are under this condition are often self-critical about themselves and tend to focus on the negatives. You don’t have to constantly flatter them. Instead, point out all their good qualities and deeds to show them that they’re more than their sickness. Having someone who counteracts their negative body issues goes a long way in helping them shed those issues.

Talk & Listen to What They Say

Practice empathy and active listening. Assure them that you’re someone they can confide in without any judgments on your part. Show them that they are not alone and they have someone who supports them in their recovery.

Encourage Them to Get Treated

While it is good to love and support them in your own little way, they’d still need to seek professional treatment.  An expert in treating eating disorders will have the knowledge and expertise to help in your loved one’s long-term recovery.

Eating disorders can manifest in many different ways. By keeping an open mind and supporting them in their treatment, you can help your loved overcome this terrible illness.