Tempting Temp Contracts for Physicians on the Rise

interim physicians crossing their arms

Locum Tenens is all the rage in the medical industry these days, providing many physicians with an enticing alternative for their expertise. Companies like Interim Physicians provides them with many choices where they can practice.

Hurray for Temps

Locum tenens refer to placing substitute personnel in the medical field such as doctors, nurses, dentists and allied professionals who render short-term or temporary work for a hospital or care facility.Locum tenens jobs provide opportunities for physicians to expand their skills, become flexible in their practice and be exposed to varying healthcare settings. They also find greater meaning in their work when they are assigned in remote, rural towns and underserved communities.

Many doctors find locum tenens less stressful and fuss-free compared to a full-time practice. Their contract covers the cost of transportation and accommodation on top of their daily rate.

The use of locum tenens in hospitals has soared dramatically in the US, reaching 94% to date (2017), from 91% in 2014. Hospitals and medical groups remain the top clients while private practices and community health centers also employ thousands of them. With the rising popularity of locum tenens, other industries outside of healthcare have also followed suit.

Three Locum Tenens Jobs to Explore

Here are three locum tenens jobs for physicians outside of the usual hospitals:

1. Government Installations – federal healthcare facilities like those operated by the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services employ a large number of locum tenens clinicians.
2. Correctional Facilities – state prisons, jails, juvenile confinements and other correctional institutions are always in need of medical practitioners to provide fast and quality care to inmates.
3. Corporate or Office-Based Facilities – large companies with thousands of employees like those in manufacturing, retail, service and education require medical practitioners to render health care services through contract-based or on-call arrangements.


The practice of hiring locum tenens has helped thousands of healthcare facilities in the US provide continuous care to patients despite a shortage of staff and budget and operations constraints. These physicians alleviate pain and save precious lives in the process.