Dealing With the Dreaded Double Chin

Woman with a reduced double chin

Also known as submental fat, the double chin is caused by several factors. For those who have such a feature due to genetics, it’s a constant battle trying to reduce, hide or even fix it. There are some ways to treat this problem but here are the most basic and effective ones.


This may be the most expensive option of the three, but it remains the most effective. Cosmetic surgery and treatments are mostly worth the extra time and money you put into them because the results are mostly permanent, with the right amount of care and regulation.

There are options such as liposuction and surgery, but there are other modern treatments like Kybella, which expert Beverly Hills clinics suggest to many patients.

Fashion and Accessories

Illusion always makes a difference and wearing the right clothes and jewelry can direct attention to other flattering parts of your body. Aim for v-necks instead of straight and turtle-neck collars. Avoid chokers and short necklaces and go for longer ones with large pendants. You can cover up with shawls and scarves but remember that it should look good on you. After all, fashion is meant to add to your self-confidence and not cover up what makes you self-conscious.


Make-up can also help make your neck look slimmer and even longer. Choose contouring foundation that is one to two shades darker than your regular foundation and use it on your neck. Also, find ways of augmenting your other facial features such as your eyes, lips and cheeks. Bronzers can also work wonders at making that double chin look smaller.

Many do want to look their best and continuously look for ways to improve their appearance. Choose which one method applies to you,  but don’t forget that your true beauty still lies inside.