3 Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Should Avoid Like a Plaque

Unwhitened Vs. Whitened Teeth

We all want a Julia Roberts kind of pearly white smile. And in our quest to make our teeth pearly white, we sometimes fall victim into bad teeth bleaching habits. These bad habits, unknowingly, can do our teeth more harm than good.

Craig J. Healy, DDS, a practitioner from Pinole CA, helped us compile these teeth whitening mistakes. Hopefully, at the end of the article, we help you achieve a more successful bleaching experience.

Not using a customized dental tray

Using a generic tooth guard instead of a fitted dentist made tray may cause swallowing or spilling of the whitening solution. Which consequently, could lead to disappointing results. And not to mention extra cost as you need to redo the whole process. A dentist’s customized tray provides a better fit as it keeps the solution in close contact with the teeth. The tray will also hold and prevent your gums and throat from irritation caused by the solution.

Going rogue with bleaching

Avoid all do-it-yourself procedures without the supervision and advice of your dentist. The dentist can help you determine whether your teeth require whitening or not. If you can, also avoid any over the counter teeth whitening products. Some contain too much of bleaching agents which might be harmful to your gums.

Eating while whitening your teeth

Smoking, drinking or eating when bleaching your teeth is always a bad idea. Doing so can disrupt the seal, causing drinks or food particles to get between your teeth and the strip, cause dilution of the bleaching agent, which will result in an uneven bleaching effect. Again, that’s not a good idea, as it will require you to redo whitening and spend more money in the process. 

Eating these foods that will help you brighten your smile is a good idea, though. But not during the bleaching process. 

Though bleaching makes your teeth whiter, it should be under the supervision of a dentist. The dentist can help ensure you don’t overdo it and that you use the right solution.