South Carolina Lands on Top 25 States with High Obesity Rate

a man holding beer in front his belly

South Carolina’s adult obesity rate in 2016 remained stable, although it still reached a high percentage, according to a report from Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The state had a 32.3% rate in the previous year, and it joined 24 other states that recorded between 30% and 35% of obesity rate, according to the report.

Health is Wealth

The report showed a need for more people to enrol in a gym membership or engage in an exercise routine. The MUV Fitness Club in West Columbia, SC, is just one of several wellness centers in the state where you can inquire about membership.

While the state landed on the report’s top 25, its adult obesity rate compared better than West Virginia, which had a 37.7%. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana completed the top five states in the list. The report also said that despite the high rates, adult obesity in the country seemed to be leveling off. John Auerbach, Trust for America’s Health president and CEO, remains relatively optimistic that obesity rates, in general, may be headed for a decline.

Heavier States

Aside from adults, obesity among children seemed to have stabilized as well, according to the report. However, some states such as Colorado, Minnesota, Washington and West Virginia recorded an increase in adult obesity rates for 2015 and 2016.

The report suggested preventive measures during a person’s childhood stage to combat the increasing rates. Children should be taught to eat healthy food and be fond of exercise. It’s easier said than done, but more investments in community programs should help in promoting a healthy lifestyle.


A fit and healthy body not only improves your self-confidence and physical appearance but also helps in extending your lifespan. With so many choices for fitness activities, what’s your excuse for not signing up for a club membership?