Preparing for Fall without Sacrificing Beauty

beautiful girl with book during fall season

There is a resounding complaint everywhere: it’s fall, but it’s warm. How will people start layering up in the beloved season’s colors while savoring their pumpkin spice lattes if the weather is more humid than ever? More importantly, how can they look good in their fall selfies if their skin and hair have been suffering from the extreme heat? Here are some ways to keep your skin and hair in good condition:


You might think the crisp air will be enough to forgo your daily and moisturizing routine, but you’re wrong. Your skin will look dry and flaky if you do not give it the moisturization it needs. The same goes for your hair, which can be frizzy and unruly in such tricky weather. Any dermatologist in Cottonwood Heights will tell you it’s a bad idea to stop moisturizing no matter the season, and you should be doing it according to your skin type.

Wear Sun Protection

It’s warm outside but not hot, so you think that it’s okay to step out without any sunscreen. Sure, it’s okay if you want to develop a skin problem soon. Rashes will be the least of your concerns if you continue this reckless habit. It doesn’t take five minutes to cover your face with sunscreen, and it can be a part of your daily makeup routine. There shouldn’t be any excuse not to do it.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

We get that you want those fall selfies. The leaves have turned, and everything around you looks picture-perfect. Still, don’t dress for a photo just to suffer in real life. If the temperature drops, as it is predicted to, your layers should offer ample protection. While the weather is a little warm, layer up thin and breathable fabrics so you will not bathe in sweat while smiling in selfies.

Fall is not a favorite season for nothing. Make sure that you’re ready to be out and about while looking and feeling your very best.