Ingredients You Can’t Miss in Your Kichen

Fresh Ingredients

You may think you have a well-stocked kitchen, but there are certain ingredients that even the best chefs never run out off in their kitchen cupboards.

Regardless of what cuisine you cook, or wherever you are in the world, you need these basic ingredients for any dish you want to prepare, whether it’s a midday picnic or a romantic dinner.


Any broth or base, whether beef, vegetable or chicken soup base, which is best because it is low in calories. You can use it to cook simple soups and even use it as an oil for sauteing vegetables. You could also use broth as a base for gravy, stews, and as a flavoring for your pasta or rice dishes.


This can give food flavoring even in small amounts. Garlic is also known as a healthy food and could help increase low blood pressure. Adding a pinch whether it’s for stir-fry, soups, marinades, or stews is enough to give any dish great flavor.

Tomato paste.

This is a great substitute when you don’t have tomatoes. Rich in Lycopene, tomato paste can help prevent cancer and give any food that great savory taste.

Sea Salt.

Salt is essential for all living creatures, and though doctors warn against a high sodium intake, sea salt is much healthier than your regular table salt. Adding salt to any dish brings out the tastier subtle flavors of the dish.


Honey is the chosen natural sweetener since ancient times. Aside from preserving fruits, honey has natural antiseptic properties that help heal wounds.  No wonder the Ancient Egyptians loved honey.

The next time you look in your cupboard, make sure you have these ingredients in stock, so you’re prepared to cook anything for anyone.