How Yellow Teeth Can Affect Your Life

A woman smiling after having a dental procedure

When it comes to beauty, many would probably agree that it is not only about looks or appearance. While it’s true that a beautiful personality is important, note that other people tend to make assumptions based on an individual’s appearance. Having a yellow smile, for instance, can send non-verbal cues and affect different aspects of your life.

Romantic/Love Life

Internet dating and blind dates have now become a popular way of meeting new people. If you want to impress your date, first impressions matter. A yellow smile, according to studies, is one of the worst deal breakers for both men and women. Cosmetic dentistry centers in Lafayette, CO suggest undergoing a professional whitening to increase your attractiveness.

New Opportunities

When attending interviews, it is important to present your best smile. If you have yellow teeth, the interviewer or the employer might think that you don’t care about your appearance. Having yellow teeth, furthermore, can hurt your chances of landing certain types of jobs, especially in sales, health industry, and performing arts (model, actor, or musician).

Social Perception

Your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances may seem to treat you well, but do you wonder how they think of you. Some may like you, but others might see or judge you as unhealthy or less educated, especially if you have a dull or a noticeably yellow smile. It is better to invest in white teeth to increase both your attractiveness and confidence.

Social Status

It is easy to improve your social status by improving your smile. Studies suggest that those with bright teeth are perceived as more successful than those with a yellow and unhealthy smile. Having brighter teeth can also hide minor imperfections in your teeth, making it look straighter and more beautiful. This can then make you look more confident and trustworthy.

Sure, appearance is not everything. But it is still important that you make a good impression for greater success in career and love. Visit a cosmetic dentistry center today and find out the best whitening procedure that best suits you.