CoolSculpting Applicators: An Overview of the Different Types and Uses

a woman getting a beauty treatment

People today are more conscious about their outward appearance more than ever before. The desire to have a fantastic body gets them to exercise daily, while others opt for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

In line with the above, out of the many non-surgical procedures available for body contouring, a great number of customers in Utah prefer CoolSculpting, available at Clarity Skin. While the processes itself has been tested and proven to be effective, it needs to be done by a professional using the right type of tools. Below are some of the CoolSculpting applicators you can expect:

1. CoolFit

This applicator was designed to be used for the upper arms and inner thighs. With time, it was also discovered that it could be used for vertical planes around the abdomen. In regard to this purpose, it is particularly suitable for those that are in dire need of fat reduction as compared to curvature. The CoolFit applicator cup is flat with no particular curve shape.

2. CoolCore

This is the most popular of all CoolSculpting applicators. It is specially made for the abdomen. CoolCore’s shape makes it the perfect applicator to deal with any bulges of fat. It is also smaller when compared to other applicators and this allows the doctor to address the specific areas that require more work.

3. CoolMax

The CoolMax applicator is bigger than the CoolCore. Often, it is made to be 2.5 times larger than the other types of applicators. This makes it ideal for dealing with much larger areas. The doctor will mostly use it when there is a possibility of grabbing a huge chunk of fat all at once in the center of the applicator.

The more kinds of CoolSculpting applicators available, the simpler it will be to deal with specific body parts and fat deposits. A variety of applicators also means that the professional can deal with all body shapes. That said, ensure you go for a plastic surgeon who is well-equipped and has a proven track record.