Understanding Orthodontics: Why Do People Need Braces?

Woman Wearing Braces

Orthodontics, which is a specialised branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of facial and dental irregularities, has been in existence since 1901 if you can believe it. Before that, the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians already exhibited an interest in straightening their teeth.

How Does an Orthodontist Differ from Your Family Dentist?

Your family dentist may also specialise in orthodontics or, if not, they may refer you to an orthodontist in Enfield or elsewhere if you need orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of education and training to get certification for this specialisation.

They have the knowledge, skill and appliances for safely moving teeth to achieve proper alignment, and for guiding the development of facial features focusing on healthy jawbone growth.

What May Orthodontics Help You With?

Orthodontic problems or misalignments may refer to a variety of conditions, or also known as malocclusions. They may include problems with the development of the jaw, missing teeth, extra teeth, problems with teeth spacing, protruding teeth or teeth crowding.

Causes may vary, from inherited traits to accidents or disease.

Why Do So Many People Use Braces?

Braces are some of the popular orthodontic treatment options. They help in moving teeth slowly to a more optimal position. Braces help millions of people who may have been born with, or have developed, teeth misalignment.

An understanding of how misaligned teeth may affect dental health and overall body health has led to the growing importance of treatment options like braces.

Aside from basic dental care – twice daily brushing, flossing and two or more visits to the dentist a year – orthodontics may help you avoid dental problems like plaque formation in misaligned or crooked teeth. Your dentist is in the best position to advise you on what orthodontic treatment you may need.