When Is the Right Time for Your Child’s First Dentist Visit?

parents bringing their kid to the dentist

Parents often get confused about their child’s different dental requirements from the right time for their first visit to the best kind of toothpaste.

Most dentists recommend children to have their first dental visit by the time their teeth have developed, even when it’s just one tooth. If you’re looking for pediatric dentistry in South Bend, Indiana, many clinics now offer modern procedures for addressing dental anxiety and fear among children.

What to Expect

The first visit generally serves as an introduction to the dentist. It’s important to choose a pediatric dentist instead of a regular professional, due to the difference in training.

Both can cater to your child’s dental needs, but pediatric dentists have at least two years of post-dental school training that focuses on young patients.

If you have questions about nutrition or your child’s oral habits like thumb sucking, a pediatric dentist is more capable of answering them. It’s also best to schedule an appointment at least twice a year for your child to build a friendly relationship with the dentist.

Toothpaste Choices

Children generally hate brushing their teeth, but luckily there are many toothpaste brands that can change this. Some brands have marketed products with a sweet and fruity flavor, yet effective enough to remove plaque and cavity.

Others have become more creative by putting toothpaste in crayon-shaped boxes and tubes, with just the right amount to come out so your child won’t stuff themselves with toothpaste.

The American Dental Association only recommends children to use a pea-sized amount. Choose toothpaste that still contains fluoride, especially if you live in an area with non-fluoridated water.

Pediatric dentists are a better choice since they have a wider understanding of your child’s needs. By starting them young, your child would understand that dentists are not scary.