Types of Teeth and Why You Should Not Lose One

Woman flaunting her white teeth

Each tooth is important to your overall dental health. You may easily disregard wisdom teeth, but one thing remains the same: each tooth you have on one side must have a corresponding partner on the other side. An irregularity in the number of teeth you have both sides can result in bigger problems. Your teeth may determine whether you will have a normal bite.

Euro Dental Care notes that when you have a missing tooth on either side of your gums, it can have severe effects later on. Getting dental implants in Birmingham, UK may be necessary to keep your bite normal.

Canine Teeth

You only get four canine teeth to tear your food apart. The canines are important not just for eating, though. They likewise affect your bite. This is because they are the longest teeth and act as a guide for the rest of your teeth. Missing one of these canines greatly affects the overall look of your mouth. It likewise keeps one side of your mouth from functioning properly during eating. Replacing your lost canine tooth is important to restore balance not just in aesthetics, but also in function.


Losing molars may not be a big deal for some people, especially when they still have wisdom teeth coming out. Whilst some get six or more of these grinders in their mouth, losing one may not be as drastic as losing a canine tooth. This does not mean your mouth will have no problems missing one molar. A missing molar can still cause movement from all teeth in an effort to fill in the gap.

Each tooth plays an important role in keeping your jaw in place and maintaining the shape of your face. Replace any missing tooth and do not take your oral health for granted. Your dentist in Birmingham can help you take good care of your teeth and gums.