Accessing Dental Implants in Herefordshire

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth can help improve oral health and overall health. When there is a gap in the teeth, the bone can resorb, causing multiple issues include problems with chewing. Using a dental implant to replace missing teeth can help alleviate these problems.

There are several options available to replace missing teeth, including dentures and bridges, but these do not last as long. In Herefordshire, dental implants are a more durable, long-term solution for these patients. Several practices in the area, such as Warrendale Dental, have an established track record of fitting dental implants.

Sometimes the loss of teeth means that the gum and jaw has shrunk so much that dentures cannot be worn. In these case implants are a great option to fill the gap.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are made up of a titanium screw that is fixed into the jawbone, a connecting piece and replacement teeth. These replacement teeth can be a fixed bridge, crown or denture, meaning that implants can be used to replace just one tooth or multiple teeth. The titanium screw replaces the root of the natural tooth.

Titanium is a miraculous metal because it bonds with bone. Once drilled in, the bone tissue and blood vessels grow around the titanium screw, fixing it in the jawbone.

Fitting Dental Implants in Herefordshire

The overall process of planning and fitting an implant can take months. The initial consultation will determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate for implants and whether any other work needs to be done first. Once the titanium screw is drilled into the jawbone, it will take several weeks or months to bond with the jawbone and other tissues. Fixing the final implant and replacement tooth or bridge in place onto the screw may take only 30 minutes.

Types of Implants

Dental implants can support a single crown on a single post, or up to three replacement teeth can be fixed onto one implant. Four to six implants can be used to secure a set of dentures.

Many patients who have previously worn full or partial dentures or are missing a single tooth prefer their dental implants as it is a stable, long-lasting treatment that can restore their smile.