3 Amazing Health Benefits of Probiotics


In the Philippines, probiotics have become synonymous with good health. There are many probiotics products available in the market today that continue to deliver amazing health benefits to people across all age groups. If you’re relatively new to these types of foods and supplements, PRO BIO MEDCARE INC. shares some of the great health perks you can enjoy from these products.

  1. Probiotics restore the “healthy bacteria” in the digestive tract.

Health-conscious people know the amazing health perks of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. But there are some cases when the population of healthy bacteria gets compromised. For instance, when people take antibiotics, they also kill the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract that keep you safe from the bad ones. That’s why patients who take antibiotics are prescribed probiotics to replace the lost healthy bacteria.

  1. Probiotics can also help ease several abdominal issues.

Apart from repopulating the digestive tract with healthy bacteria, probiotics can also help patients who are suffering from a condition called IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Some of the symptoms of IBS include cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating. IBS is sometimes hard to treat because the symptoms are similar to other stomach issues including PMS, but what’s good to know is that probiotics, which can be easily taken, can help treat IBS.

  1. Probiotics can protect your teeth.

Another surprising benefit of probiotics protects your dental health. Probiotics have been shown to be effective in killing tooth decay-causing bacteria. It also decreases the harmful effects of another dental woe—gingivitis. This surprising benefit is great in preventing the more serious health problems often linked with poor oral hygiene including diabetes and heart disease.

Add Probiotics in Your Diet Today

Probiotic foods and supplements are great additions to your diet. They not only protect your stomach but the other surprising benefits can aid in overall health as well. If you’re new to probiotics, consider these facts and start embracing the probiotics lifestyle today.