Woman smiling

What You Need to Have a Perfect Smile

April 17, 2018 0

The perfect smile is one which a person should aspire to. It is a social signal as well as a sign of good hygiene. There’s a reason Meridian residents like their dental clinic: they are […]

inflamed gum
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5 Surprising Causes of Bleeding Gums

April 11, 2018 0

There are numerous reasons people see red when they brush or floss. Those reasons range from typical to surprising and from temporary and of little concern to chronic and scary. Your family dentist in Sugarhouse […]

Teens in a drug counseling session
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4 Drug Facts You Need to Know

April 9, 2018 0

Many people don’t fully understand drug addiction or have wrong information about the problem. Some assume that those who abuse drugs lack willpower, while others think that they can overcome addiction by simply walking away […]